Uzi-Eli The Citronman – A Healer and a Spiritual Mentor

uzi-eli the EtrogmanThe versatile Ben Yehuda market attracts numerous tourists from all over the world every year. Many of the visitors do not miss the opportunity to call upon Uzi-Eli’s famous citrons shop to taste the exotic flavors of the citron juice and to try the different concoctions, lotions and sprays known for their therapeutic and cosmetic qualities for the body and skin.

This is the brain child of a 70-year-old man (who actually looks much younger) born in Yemen and is a third generation to a family descended from Maimonides, a family whose members have always been dealing with the secrets of herbal concoctions and medicine, spices and fruits based on the doctrine laid down by the Jewish Medieval Rabi, scholar and philosopher, Moses Maimonides (the RamBam).

ozieli the citronmanUzi-Eli will diagnose you and tell you what is going on inside you. He is endowed with the unique capability of administering the right remedy for you on the spot using his penetrating gaze and his sense of touch. These remedies, which may come in the forms of liquid, a lotion or a spray, are solely based on the methods he applies and on the medicines he concocts.

Uzi Eli’s products are good for combating chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety, bodily pains, diabetics and infertility problems. They are especially beneficial to the soul and body. They will help prevent sickness and will bring you health and happiness.Uzi-Eli`s products have already helped many. It`s known that grandmother`s remedies are the best of all.

Uzi-Eli truly believes in giving from himself to his fellow men and sees it as his life mission to improve the lives of others. He is deeply invigorated by the opportunity to alleviate pain and suffering. If you in need of counsel (in case he is not busy), he might ask you to draw him a picture according to which he will offer you some useful tips that will help you improve your quality of life. Uzi-Eli’s most important tip is to love your inner self, listen to your body and take care of it for the sake of good spirit and bliss.